structure as an urban catalyst. vol ii

09 — 23 June
10:30 — 19:30
Danilovsky market + Museum of Avantgarde, Moscow 

AAVS Moscow is a series of workshops for exploring pressing issues related to city development and the potential of urban areas. In 2016 the team began to study Shabolovka area in Moscow and students presented urban research findings and scenarios for its development. In 2017 participants created projects for a city object that could become a catalyst for the area's transformation from within. This year (2018) the workshop will become the final part of the first series, dedicated to Shabolovka area. It will be set up as a design-and-build process that will end up with a built pavilion at the site of Danilovsky market – one of the most vivid and popular places of Shabolovka area and Moscow. The multi-functional pavilion will serve as a landmark of the area and host lectures, movie nights, master classes.

Students will work both – in studio and on the construction site. For the first time a city-important comission will be realised through an educational programme, where participants will be the main actors. By the end of the workshop students will design and build the pavilion at the Danilovsky market – one of the favorite food courts of Muscovites. Participants will examine Danilovsky market in the city context and propose a pavilion that will be integrated into the life of the market.


The AA Visiting School Moscow requires a fee of £695 per participant, which includes a £60 AA school membership fee and all materials needed for the construction of the pavilion. Fees do not include flights or accommodation, but accommodation options can be advised.


Alexandra Chechetkina
AAVS Moscow director, architect

"It will be the first workshop in Moscow where students will face the challenge of creating a real project for the city – designing and building a pavilion for the use of Muscovites. I am excited to see the result!" 

Rodion Eremeev
Founder of Archifellows, architect

"I am really looking forward to work with participants as one team to create one stunning object. I think we will greatly benefit from each other"

Leonid Slonimsky
Founder of Kosmos, architect
Blanca García Gardelegui
Architect and urbanist in United Nations


Week 1: The Museum of Avantgarde is situated in the heart of Shabolovaka district – in Khavsko-Shabolovsky housing estate, near the legendary Shukhov Radio Tower. The Center’s mission is to tell and to popularise the cultural and artistic heritage of the 1910-1930s which had influenced the entire 20th century: from design furniture to cinema and from architecture to layout of the books while remembering the social, political, and scientific context that had formed that art. 

Week 2: The Danilovsky market is the oldest food market in Moscow with its own special history, unique architecture and a favorite recreational space for Muscovites. The market is based on the trade of fresh and diverse products, supplemented by bistro concepts, seasonal fairs and gastronomic festivals.


You will design and build a multi-functional pavilion for summer season that will be located on the central site of Moscow and one of the favourite places of Muscovites

  • You will work as one team with practicing architects with international experience – from London, New York, Barcelona, Bangkok and Geneva

  • Participants gain hands-on experience on construction of light architecture
  • A built object will substantially complement your professional portfolio

  • In the course of the workshop, you will learn to work in groups while performing fundamentally different tasks
  • Studio and site work will be complemented by lectures of tutors and invited experts, seminars on the latest digital software and use of the professional equipment (3D printers, laser cutters, etc.)

  • Publication of the book with the results of the workshop featuring students work will be planned. The book will be on sale in stores all over the world and online